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WOW Graphic Designer UNION
i have schools (design collages) contacting me asking if i would like to start a intern program

then they tell me the will only allow it if it paid intern work ? sorry there is no such thing as paid internship

my intern program is 15 days or 2 weeks, my time training . so i put out money to train them also most of the time interns have no idea what there getting in to. so paying to train, and most of them do not like working in the sign and design business. then schools should look for students that would only want to work in the design and sign industry.

so this is one reason i with to complete the project of making a graphic design UNION
• Stable Pay (get paid for what your worth)
• Always has design work
• business will trade designers like athletes

• better hours
• more work from home options
• Sheared community help

please let me know what you think
part one
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